Sunday, July 15, 2007

Visit to the Zoo

The girls are just the right age for viewing the animals. Everytime we would leave one cage, Sabrina would say, "see more animals." So Cute....

Destiny didn't make it on this trip, she was with Mema Lorelei and Papa Jerry at the lake. I couldn't help but remember our first day with her. This is the first place we ever visited together.

The twins have been making roaring noises all night. We've been to the zoo today. We saw lots of animals, but the girls really liked the panda's and the elephants the best. They also got to pet the goats and lambs. We rode the train, which they didn't like. We rode the carusel and both girls cried most of the way thru. Right at the end, Sabrina actually started to have fun. She even held on by herself.

Looking at the monkeys in trees.

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July !!!!!!
Peyton celebrated the fourth of July by running the Peachtree Road race. It's the largest 10k in the world. Over 50,000 people ran. Peyton finished in just over an hour. We were very proud of him. He left the house at 4:15am. In the afternoon we went to Mary and Rabun's for a cookout. It was very nice. Amber stopped by with Riley and Kenna. Riley warmed up to me a little this time. She even sat in my lap so I could read to her. I was surprised. Almost all of the kids were there. Molly, Micheal, Destiny, Mitchell, Anna, Riley, Sabrina, Samantha, Katelyn, Tyrus, and Kenna. We were missing Maddie and Dylan, they were home in Ohio and Taylor, who is no longer a kid. He has begun to bail at these little get togethers.

The kids played in the pool and with the puppy dogs all afternoon. The fourth of July is always a little bitter sweet for me. I am very patriotic so I love to celebrate, but it is also the anniversary of my dad's death. This year was the 32nd anniversary. I'm working on a short story about his life right now...or his death. It's the first time I've written in a long time.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Jace's Fourth Birthday


We had quite the adventure at Jace's fourth Birthday party. We had to call 911 because we thought Mema Shirley had a heat stroke. It turns out she was passing out from the severe pain in her ankle. She turned it over getting out of the car and likely broke it.

The girls had lots of fun swimming and playing on the swing set. Thought for sure it would exaughst them, but it's 2200 hours (10pm) and they are still going strong.

I think Jace had a lot of fun. Michael, Destiny, Sabrina, Samantha, Jordan, Skylar, Blake, Garrett, Zach, Dylan, Kora, Chase, and Chandler were all there. It was a "Pirates of the Caribbean" party. Everyone was really hot until we made it into the water. Next time we'll picnic after the swimming and not before.
Look how red Sabrina and Sami are. This is just moments before we rushed Mema by ambulance to the hospital. She passed out again on the way to Southern Regional. She's alright tonight, but she is down for the count, so it leaves us without a nanny for the kids for a while. Mema Lorelei really wanted to have the girls for a few days, so it looks like she might get her wish a little more often than she thought. With the kids being out of school, she can help out for a while.