Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Dog

Peyton and I went to see the DOG yesterday. And not just any dog, but Duane DOG Chapman. He was signing books at Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia. I have NEVER seen so many people there. Not even the week before Christmas. The line was at least SIX hours long for signatures....and the signing didn't start until 6pm. I took one look at the line, one look at my husband and said...."let's go find a place to have a drink." We walked up to the front. Saw his introduction, which the poor people in line missed and took some pictures. I love Beth Chapman even more now than I did before. I saw a very REAL moment with her and a young lady that she was signing an autograph for. I wish I had been focused enough to capture a picture. She had just taken a drink of her water and then shook the girl's hand, realizing that her hand was wet from the water bottle, she wiped off her hand and almost without thinking, just like any mother really....she reached out for the woman's hand and wiped it off as she apologized. She really is as caring as she appears to be....and probably just as tough.

We went back to eat dinner at the Whistle Post Tavern on Railroad Street in Conyers. Leave it up to Peyton to ALWAYS find the coolest tavern in town. It was perfect. Two guys playing accoustic guitar and signing all of our favorite songs. Best dinner we've had in forever. The next time we go, we'll be prepared to stay in Conyers for the night. Give the grandparent's plenty of time to spend with their grandkids.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tingle Twins Turn TWO

Happy Birthday Sabrina and Samantha !!!!
The girls are two years old. Can't believe they are already toddlers. They are using a lot of complete sentences or at least complete ideas these days. As you can tell, Sabrina was crying at first and very fussy. Finally, she calmed down and blew out her candles. Samantha, who was happy at first, proceded to fall apart when she couldn't blow out her candles. Bottom line....lesson more birthday parties at nap time. We only invited the grandparents over for this one. Couldn't see having a big party two years in a row. Great Grandmother Tingle could not make it, but she sent the most beautiful hand made bags for each of the girls....including Destiny. They were full of coloring books and have pockets for the crayons. No one is ever more thoughtful when putting together gifts than Grandmother. Mema and Papa Duren got them Princess Keyboards and clothes. Mema Shirley bought them the Princess table and chair set for their bedroom. Grandmother and Granddaddy Tingle bought beautiful clothes (orange outfits in picture below) and money to shop for toys. My children are so blessed. They have two great grandmothers, a great grandfather, two grandmothers, and two grandfathers to love them.

This is always a busy week for us. Peyton and I celebrate our anniversary on July 21st. This was our FIFTH. The 22nd is my Daddy's birthday, and the 23rd is the twins birthday. We usually take this week off of work. This year, a last minute job came up for Peyt and we both ended up very sick with a virus. We stayed in bed every chance we got for the entire vacation. Our poor kids were really bored. No Six Flags, no White was sad.

Michael went for his consult today for braces. He has his first appointment next week. After looking at the estimate, Peyton told him to forget us buying his first car.

The whole family helped Daddy clean the boat. I took the girls to get their pictures taken in one of their new birthday outfits. It's become a bit of a tradition. We took pictures in the outfits that Joel and Lisa got them for their first birthday and this time, Grandmother and Granddaddy Tingle outfits were worn. They are really cute. A couple of days later, they had their first BIG haircuts. Little bobs.

Tim and Nicki came to town to celebrate Tim's birthday. We haven't seen them in five years. They haven't changed a bit. It was like the old days for one night. Peyton, Josh, Tim, Nicki and Bobbie at the pub. I found it harder than ever not to miss Eric, Lance and Owen.

Destiny and Michael go back to school next Monday, August 13th. They don't seem overly excited about it. Destiny's new teacher called me today. She seems very nice. I have two open houses tomorrow. We've already been school clothes shopping, but will need to finish off the supplies this weekend.

We celebrated Mema Shirley's 71st birthday with a cake and a picture of Ma that Peyton re imaged. He did a great job of taking all of the cracks out of the old picture.

Samantha wandered off into her room, grabbed a blanket and put herself to bed on the floor. This was just at dinnertime. She missed her afternoon nap. Sabrina, was already asleep on her little bed.