Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scarlett is growing up

Jessica, Paul and Scarlett on their trip to the North Georgia mountains this past weekend. She is growing up so fast.

Happy Halloween from the Tingles

Grandmother and Granddaddy Tingle came by to see us off tonight. As you can tell, we were not quite dressed for Halloween.

We had so much fun with the kids tonight. Sammi and Beanie were so excited. When we finally got home, Samantha said, "Mommy, that was SO MUCH FUN." She's never said anything like that. We went on a tour of a neighbor's house. The entire inside, every room was covered in some kind of fun mechanical ghost or decoration. Too cool.... As you can see, I started out with four kids, but with the addition of Michael and Destiny's friends Ethan and Justin, we left with SIX. Two little princesses and a "punk rocker" girl in our group.

Halloween DHL style

Robyn and Bianca our GI Janes

We've had a very busy day. I was in Nashville the first part of the week, so work was very crazy today....these pictures prove it. Briana showing her Bulldog spirit. Marc reminding us of the old DANZAS days. Sherry showing us her Bud and cigarrette side.

Jennifer brought in these great contact lenses...custom made for the we were Zombie twins. It was so much fun. I tried to host a meeting with the vendor and there was no way they could take me seriously. I had one person actually leave my office because he could not look at me. It was too creepy. Stephanie and Alan were both impressive. Elaine took first place with her "Southern Belle" costume.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tingle Moving Service 15K

Heather and Shaun Dailey; Heath Milligan, and Peyton

Shaun and Heath work with Peyton occasionally. They all finished the race.

Peachtree City Classic 15K

Peyt ran again this weekend. The twins and I went down to see him at the finish line early on Saturday morning. He was surprised and happy to see us there. We are so proud of him. I don't know how he does it. No training....and he runs a 15k....(that's almost 9.5 miles).

Potty Power

Sabrina has been in panties all day today. She hasn't had any accidents. In fact, she quit playing downstairs and came all the way upstairs to go to the potty. She is doing really well with training. We've barely worked with her at all. Samantha is so cute. She will sit on the potty and play with the potty, but she won't actually use it. She has once or twice, but when you take her diaper off to change her, she will insist that she needs to go to the potty....AFTER she has already gone. She really isn't interested. In fact, this morning, when I was praising Sabrina for going to the potty, Sammi gave her a high five and said "good job, Sissy." Then she was off to play again. She gets excited for Sabrina, but doesn't care to do it yet herself.

I was really surprised when Sabrina got out of the tub to go to the potty. She actually went and then got right back in the tub. Sammi came along because she likes to get in and out of the tub.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Peyton's Birthday

Peyton's Birthday isn't really until Thursday, October 18th, but we celebrated a few days early. The girls are so excited about birthday's right now that I couldn't resist doing an entire day for Daddy. Sabrina only ate dinner because I promised birthday cake afterwards. She hasn't been feeling very well the past few days....they both have little colds. When it was time to light the candles, she climbed right up to the cake. She wanted to blow out the candles. She kept insisting that it was her birthday and Daddy's.

Durkee/Tingle Reunion

Until I saw the kids climb out of the car, I didn't realize how long it had been since we had visited with Scott and Kati. Will is three years old now and Lulu will be three in January. It's been almost two years. Lulu's hair is soooo long and pretty. It makes me miss Destiny's long hair. Sabrina, my quiet-shy child, went running after Will when they got here and basically shadowed him the whole day. She has her first "crush." Meanwhile, Will was tight as theives with Destiny. Samantha loved Lulu. At one point she didn't see Lulu in the living room. She was going from room to room saying, "Mommy, where's Lulu...where's Lulu." We will have to make it a point of visiting more often. I think our kids will look forward to it as much as we do.

Cubs Win

Winning last week's game helped the cubs to make the playoffs. Eveyone showed up for this game. Grandmother Tingle, Granddaddy Tingle, Mema Lorelei, Aunt Kim, Jordan, Jace, Peyton, Destiny, Samantha, Sabrina, Ms Blankenship, Justin, and me. 13 people there to see Michael play. It was his best game to date. If they win this week, they're in for the championship game. Peyton painted all of the kids faces with "cub paw prints" and "Go Cubs."

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Doctor's Visit

Sabrina Aisling Tingle
Age: 26 months
Weight: 27 lbs 4 oz
Height: 35 1/4 in

Samantha Ireland Tingle
Age: 26 months
Weight: 27lbs 2 oz
Height: 35 in

The doctor said both of the girls were tall and slim. They are very healthy. Their iron was a little low, so we are going to start Flinstone vitamins. I bought them months ago, but always forget to give them out. Everyone always says that Samantha looks bigger, but Sabrina is always a couple of ounces more and about a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch taller than Sammi. I think Samantha's chuby cheeks make her look bigger.

Fayette Middle Cubs

The cubs won their first game on Tuesday. They were playing at Bennett's Mill Middle. All three of the girls loved the mascot and the cheerleaders. We sat down right in front of them. Grandmother and Granddaddy Tingle also came to the game.


I know lots of parents who will not allow playdough in their homes. It's just too messy. We currently have as much playdough on our rugs as we do crayon on our walls.

Samantha created this playdough/Cheerio's masterpiece. Sabrina had a better idea. She decided, right in front of her Daddy, to cram a piece of playdough up her nose. It was large, but not large enough to not be sucked way up into her nose when she began to cry. I could not get a hold of it, I tried to push on the top of her nose to keep her from sucking it in any further while she was crying. Figuring that once she calmed down, I could get it out. She refussed to try and blow her nose. She was frantic.

Suddenly, she sneezed REALLY hard. Playdough went flying out of her nose.

The Funny Things They Say

Samantha and her Daddy. She really looks like him to me.

These are the days that I wish I had time to keep a journal of everything my kids do and say. Beanie and Sammi are getting so big now. They try to speak in complete sentences. They usually communicate very clearly and I can understand most of what they say. Today at lunch Sammi had a breakdown. She just pushed her plate away, refused to eat and kept asking me for something. I couldn't make out what she was asking for because she was so upset she wasn't speaking clearly. I had all but given up when I started cleaning off the chop block and realized her favorite food was right there. A big bag of half frozen "corn on the cob." We quit giving her corn a while ago because her tummy really couldn't take it. I pulled one out and popped it in the microwave...anything to cook it quickly. She started to laugh as soon as she realized that I finally understood her.
This weeks Funny TINGLE TALK:
1. We have just started introducing the girls to their potties. They have actually gone a few times and right now are running around the house in panties. They look so grown up. Sabrina will sit on the potty, strain to go and then say, "I can't do it." Last night, Samantha did the same, only after really straining to try to go, she looked up at Peyton and said, "Daddy, I'm broke." It was quite possibly the funniest thing she has ever said.
2. Peyton and the girls all have little colds right now. The girls went for their two year old checkups on Friday. Last night, Peyton started coughing. Sabrina went over and patted his hand and said, "Daddy, you need to go to the doctor."
3. After you change their diapers, both of my precious little girls, will say..."thank you."
4. Not really funny, but very sweet when they bring you a book, crawl into your lap and say, "Will you read to me?" Both girls will also ask if they can read to you.
5. The way Samantha says, "Oink, Oink." Peyton asks her a dozen times a day, "What does a pig say?"...just to hear her say it.
6. I tried to get on to Sabrina this morning. She knew she was doing somthing wrong, so when I got over to her, she looked up and said, "Mommy, I love you." She NEVER says this.