Monday, February 18, 2008

Piedmont Park

Sabrina was not too happy that someone else was driving the firetruck with her sister. She was not in the mood to share. Destiny sitting by the pond.

Samantha and her hats. She cries when she can't find this one. It's her favorite. Look how fearless she is climbing up to the top of the slide.

The Varsity

We took the kids to lunch at The Varsity a couple of days before the flu hit us. Then we went to Piedmont Park for about four hours. The park was very crowded. It was a nice crowd...lots of families with little ones.

Careful What You Wish For

Once upon a time, this KING size bed was big enough for me and Peyton.

Flu Season

The past week and a half has not been a lot of fun in our house. Samantha and Sabrina have been running fevers non stop since last Tuesday night. We have been lucky to keep them down to 101 for more than a couple of hours. Samantha tested positive for Type A Flu. No real reason to take Beanie in the next day when she spiked at 103.7. We knew it was the flu. Today is the first day we've seen some real relief. I've gotten behind on posting since the flu bug came to visit.

Our New Mailbox

One funny thing that happened. Last weekend, we put up a brand new mailbox. Roughly 120.00 by the time we bought the box and post. Our old one was hit by a truck about three weeks ago. Exactly one week after we put up the new one, I found it in three pieces on our lawn. I went and bought a new one...really ticked that whoever hit it wasn't nice enough to stop and let us know. Another 50.00 on a new post and we are back in business. Today, the lady who hit the mailbox stopped by the house and left her phone number with my grandparents. She said a deer ran out in front of her and she swerved to miss it and took out our box. She lost the windshield in her car to the accident. I felt so much better that she stopped that I don't even care about the mailbox. It's the not knowing that will upset you about a situation. Peyton called her back to tell her not to worry about it. It's not a big deal and we are really glad she is alright. Not the best way to meet your neighbor, but something tells me we will see her again now.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

....ready for our closeups.....

We had a great time playing dress up today. Everyone got to wear Mommy's makeup and their favorite party dresses. We even used the curling iron for the first time. Sabrina is in the pink and Samantha is in yellow. The girls twirled around and around in their dresses. Really cute when they act like princesses.

Destiny is seven years old. She is in the first grade at East Fayette Elementary School.


Lunch with Mom

I can't remember the last time I spent the day with my Mom and no kids. Mema Shirley, Jenny and I took Mom to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's and then to have her nails done. It was the first time my mom ever had a manicure or a pedicure. I am pretty sure she'll be going back for more. We had a really nice time. Lots of talking about real adult stuff. What a nice break.

Happy Birthday Chandler and Hunter

Chandler's birth was the first birth I was ever really a part of. I was Tammy's coach, so it was my hand that she almost broke during contractions. I remember that moment before his first cry. I also helped to pick out his name. Christopher Chandler Medlin. Since my last name was Chandler at the time, Tammy insisted it was my way of naming him after me. Actually, he was named after Falcons QB Chris Chandler who was having an incredible year in 1999. He won the SEC championship the day Chandler was born.

Hunter just turned 2. I can't tell if he looks more like his mom or his dad.

He's a really sweet little boy. Matthew is the newest edition to the Campbell family. He's not even three months old yet and weighs 16 lbs. Look at that smile.