Sunday, March 30, 2008


I always feel like I'm married to the most amazing man, but today Peyton really amazed me. He ran a FULL MARATHON. 26 miles in just over 5 hours. Michael, Destiny and I caught MARTA today and rode up to meet him at the finish line. We had him pegged to be running about 30 minutes slower and we almost missed him. He was crossing the line right as we walked up. I could not believe how great he looked out there. 26 miles with little to no training. Shaun and Heather Dailey also ran today. They both completed the Half Marathon. 13 miles, which is also amazing.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Look So Happy

My sleepy heads didn't seem too excited until they opened their baskets and got to eat the candy. They went to bed the night before with no fuss. All I had to say was that the Easter Bunny was going to hop right by our house if they didn't go to sleep. Out like lights.....
For some reason they couldn't quit closing their eyes in these pictures.
First Letters
The kids all got their own cards in the mail from Mema and Papa Duren this week. They were so excited to have mail of their own. Great Grandmother Tingle sent them cards last year, but they were too young to really understand what it was all about.


Happy Easter !!!

We decorated eggs until late Saturday night. The girls had a lot of fun. They painted, dyed, colored and put stickers on them.

I feel so bad that I haven't posted in over a month. Life has been so busy. We had a lovely Easter weekend. I didn't get a head count, but I know it was at least 60. We hid a record breaking 552 eggs this year. Lots of fun. I am sad to realize today that I only got a few pictures. No real group pictures like last year. But, Jessica emailed me these two today that are just perfect. Check out the Tingle Twins and their haircuts. They each cut it themselves. Samantha on mine and Dad's watch. Beanie, right in front of Mema Shirley. I keep hoping it will grow out enough for me to even up before Brittany's wedding. Beanie was cold, so we put some pants and a jacket on. Samantha is still wearing her Easter dress. She was a real trooper. Beanie was a little sick, but it didn't stop her from eating cupcakes with pink icing. I'm amazed at how much Sabrina really favors Skylar. Jordan looks identical to me when I was growing up. This is the BEST picture Destiny has ever taken. She looks beautiful...and TOO grown up. Additions to this years party. My cousin Elaine, her husband and kids. Rustie, Chad, Chad's brother, Taylor, and Zachary. Robbie and Jennifer Baker. Paul's parents. Peyton and Joel pulled all of the kids in the wagon. Unfortunately, it dumped over and we had a couple of injuries. Poor Anna, who was also celebrating her fifth birthday, really hurt her lip in the fall. Samantha had a knot on her head. Destiny has a big bruise on her arm and Jordan had a nasty bump. Mitchell, poor guy, had a pocket full of rocks when he landed. Not a nice combo when landing on your rear.