Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

It's become our tradition since moving to Callaway to have a huge Easter party every year. I was surprised that fewer people showed up than last year. It was a much smaller gathering. I think the minute I plan for it to be smaller, we'll be blown away like we were last year, so I'll continue to plan for around 50 adults and 30 kids. I think I slowed down a little more this year than normal. I feel like I spent a little bit of time with each person that was here....though I could just be making that up. The day flew by. I hate to eat later than the arrival time, but we were about an hour behind schedule. I have no idea how that happened. It just seemed like everything went into overdrive and before I knew it, everyone was here and Peyton still hadn't showered. In the end, the party was great. The egg hunt was terrific. My mom, dad, and sister stayed and cleaned up until everything was put away (including the chairs and tables). I always appreciate them helping out when it's all over. It's so tough to face the clean up the next day after spending three days setting it all up. We missed Mema Shirley and Papa Don this year, but they were visiting with Joe. I think he really need to see a friendly face on Easter. I hope we have many more parties at our place. It's wonderful to have our families come together for one big lunch and egg hunt. Mark Pittman came for lunch. Peyton was glad to have the chance to catch up with him. I think the girls are beginning to understand why we celebrate easter. I've shared the story of the resurrection with them a couple of times this week. We are all so blessed.


The Sugarland concert on Friday night was incredible. It was the kickoff for this year's tour. I was blown away by Jennifer. She is phenomenal. The highlight of the show was the big bubbles. Jennifer and Christian crawled inside and then "ROLLED" across the audience. Wow...!!! I think their music is a bit too poppy for Peyt, but I think he enjoyed that I was having so much fun. We met up with Kim and Chris, which was another great part of the night. Kim and I have always had similar taste in music and often end up at the same shows.