Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Update

I'm lucky if I have time to update the blog every month this year.  I hate it that I haven't just made myself put in weekly messages, but with work, the kids and Jordan's hospital visits, there just isn't time right now.  She had her lung surgery and is still at Children's.  We were really starting to get concerned that she might not get out in time for Christmas, but it looks like she will make it home by Monday, December 20, 2010.  She should be able to stay home until the 28th, if the oral medications control the swelling.  There is much to update, but today is not the time to go into details.  I got a prayer blanket in the mail today from Cheryl Williams.  She works in my Louisville office.  It is beautiful.  I am going to wrap it up along with all of her other gifts and give it to Jordan on Christmas Eve.  She will love it.  Cheryl is just amazing.  She is a survivor of uterine cancer.  She understands exactly how Jordan must be feeling.  Her ministry is to support people who are fighting this battle every day.  She received a message from Brad Harris, keeper of the DHL Global Prayer chain, and immediately reached out to me.  We will send her a picture of Jordan with her blanket.

I have completed almost all of our Christmas shopping this week.  I have one gift left to buy for Destiny, one for Jordan, and one for my mom and dad.  We finished up Peyton's last night.  I took the four oldest with me so they could all pick something out for him. 

I am trying to find the motivation today to take the kids to the mall for pictures with Santa.  I just can't seem to pull it off.  No matter what, I have to get Amelia to the store by Monday to have her pictures done.  She is almost a year old and I've never taken for pictures.  It is really unfair to her.