Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Lake Lanier

We are nearing the end of our week on Lake Lanier.  The girls have had so much fun.  Peyton has been able to sail his boat every day since we've been here.  He even took her out in a BIG storm yesterday.  I was very patient and calm while I waited on him to return.  I have so much faith in him and that boat that I didn't worry at all.  Sabrina and Samantha turned 8 on Tuesday.  We had a birthday cake with an ocean/lake theme.  Sabrina got a new tablet and Samantha got a bike.  They each got Barbie dolls from countries that reminded me of their birth/names.  Samantha, of course, got Ireland...her middle name.  Sabrina got Argentina.  It's a long way to get to the association if you aren't me, but for me, it's easy.  Sabrina is named after Audrey Hepburn.  My favorite Hepburn movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Holly Golightly wants to run off to Argentina to marry a billionaire rancher in the book/movie.  Sabrina's name actually comes from the Hepburn/Bogart movie Sabrina. I am so excited to see the girls growing up.  They are smart and sweet and they have the best sense of humor.  It's a bit dry and serious like their dad's.  They are the kids that you have to almost check yourself to make sure they are joking.  Sometimes, you would never know....which makes it so much funnier if you know them.  We went through a list of questions yesterday while we were out on the boat.    Here are some of their answers.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sam:  A vet  Sabrina:  I don't know yet.  Why would I know that now?  Destiny:  FBI Forensic agent or forensic  anthropologist  Amelia:  A dad.

How many kids are you going to have and what will they be?  Sam:  Three/Two boys and one girl
Sabrina:  Four/two boys and two girls  Amelia:  Four/All girls  Destiny:  Two/one boy and one girl

So the potential, not including Michael's kids is that we will have 13 grandkids.  Wow!!!  That's a lot.  Think about the way they might multiply when you decide the number of kids you are going to have. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Look So Happy

My sleepy heads didn't seem too excited until they opened their baskets and got to eat the candy. They went to bed the night before with no fuss. All I had to say was that the Easter Bunny was going to hop right by our house if they didn't go to sleep. Out like lights.....

Tingle Kids

Michael Madrie Tingle:  Senior at Fayette High School.  Class of 2012.  Michael had his senior pictures taken a month or so ago.  He is not driving yet, but it scares me to death when he leaves the house with his buddies who are driving.  Michael is overall a good kid.  All of his friends seem to play it pretty least the ones we have met.  He works with his dad on occasion to make spending money.  I was hoping he would save for a car and gave him a couple of hundred dollars towards that on his birthday, but I am pretty sure the money is long gone and none of it made it to the bank.  Typical of most any 18 year old.  I can't lie and say nice things just so we have a record of the happy times.  The bad stuff is part of this family history too and I have to say that I am concerned that Michael will not make it to graduation.  The past four years have been a real struggle.  This happens at the beginning of every single year.  He b

Destiny Lynn Tingle:  Age 11. Fifth Grade at Inman Elementary.

Six Flags and Six Flag's Whitewater

We have a very busy weekend.  I took two days off of work to spend with the kids.  We're so busy at work that there won't be much time during the summer for one on one time with these little ones.  I hate it that the past three summers have been so busy at DGF.  On Thursday, Peyton had to work and it rained so we goofed off all day and didn't get a whole lot of anything accomplished.  We did buy new beach towels and swim suits.  On Friday we woke up bright and early and headed off to Six Flags.  The girls really wanted to ride everything they were tall enough for, but once we were at the front of the line, they backed out.  This happened over and over again.  I try not to get frustrated over this type of thing, but when you wait in line for something you have no interest in riding only to have the person who asked you to wait with them, back gets really frustrating.  The good news is the lines were very short all day because of the threat of rain and the girls loved every minute of Skull Island.  I don't see much of a point in taking them back to Six Flags this year when there is far more to do at Whitewater and they now have season passes to both.  Maybe as the summer goes on, they'll change their minds.  I loved all of the rollercoasters at their age.  It surprises me so much to see them far apart at the thought of riding one.  Destiny got to ride almost everything that she wanted to.  She was finally tall enough to ride Goliath.  The last time we were there she just barely failed to make the cutoff.