Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Michael!!

Michael turned 17 on Friday.  We had a little party with just the family Friday night.  He wanted cake, ice cream and Captain D's.  He got a new FIFA World Cup replica soccer ball, shorts and the new computer game he wanted.  I am hoping he will want to get his license soon.  Peyton took him to the shooting range.  They shot my dad's old 22 Ruger.  I looked back at old pictures tonight and I just can't believe how much he's grown.  He is taller than I am now.  He is so close to graduating high school.  He's not a little boy anymore. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tingle Twins go to School!!!

First Day of School
So hard to go to sleep the night before...
Our little girls are growing up so fast.  We took them to open house this morning.  I only cried for a few minutes in the parking lot.  They aren't even on the bus yet and I'm already crying.  So sad!!!  I am so proud of them.  They walked right in there and introduced themselves to their teachers.  They played with blocks and looked at books.  They are happy that school is starting.  I think they've been a little bored this year at home.  I have a funny feeling that getting up in the morning is not going to be easy for them.  I am not a morning person so it kills me and having to help gets kids ready is going to be a nightmare.  Peyton has always gotten Destiny ready for school.  I lay out her clothes at night and make sure she is ready, but he gets up and puts her on the bus while I get dressed for work.  This won't work with three girls to get ready so I am gearing up for the inevitable moment when we have crazy mornings.  No more throwing on my own clothes and sneaking out the door.  I've had it lucky till now.  To make today totally memorable, Samantha got a love note from a little boy in her class.  She is showing it to everyone and really freaks out if she can't remember where she laid it down at.  She told me she was going to save it forever.  Our first LOVE NOTE.  GAME ON!!!  Sabrina is really quite jealous about the whole thing.  Wow....what a mess we are going to have on our hands in a few years.

Happy Birthday Sabrina and Samantha!!

The girls celebrated their 5th birthday a couple of weekends ago.  They spent almost an entire week at Grandmother Tingle's house and then came home on the morning of their birthday.  On Saturday afternoon, we had a party.  We setup a taco bar and had cake and ice cream.  I made a Brazillian Black Bean soup and our famous Mexican Rice.  It was the perfect menu for the day.  I will post pictures an a countdown of gifts soon.