Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Peyton!!!

Hotel staff boarded up the hotel due to the storm!

Towel Art!

Peyton and Aiden

Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo

Jacuzzi on our deck!

Peyton and I were at Coco Bongo in Cancun, Mexico when the clock struck midnight on his 46th birthday. It was the biggest party I have ever attended. It was a pretty eventful trip for us.  Upon our arrival, we were promptly greeted by a tropical depression.  The rain started on our way from the airport to the hotel and only let up for small breaks over the next two days.  The wind was blowing so hard on Sunday that we had to duck inside of the nearest restaurant to get out of the weather.  As luck would have it, the Falcons were playing the Panthers so we ordered some drinks and wings and settled in for a couple of hours.  The place was slammed.  There were five games going and crazy Green Bay fans sitting on one side of us and even crazier Steelers fans on the other.  We were sitting down less than ten minutes when the billboard that we had just been standing under came crashing down in the street.  The winds were the strongest I have ever seen.  The waves were monsterous!  I was so worried that we wouldn't get any sun on the trip, but the last two days were perfect.  Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to share.  We realized that we really didn't take the camera out very much.  We stayed at Temptations Resort and Spa.  It's an all inclusive, adults only resort and it was exactly what we needed.  I literally did not see one kid the whole five days we were there.  Okay...I did see two.  One little girl, about five years old that was selling bracelets outside of Coco Bongo and 11 oclock at night, and a young pre teen boy who walked through the topless beach area with his mom.  Pretty funny the expression on the mother's face when she made him pick up his pace to get through there. As Americans, we truly do not have experience with topless anything.  The food was fantastic.  The resort has five restaurants and four bars.  The days and nights were one long occasion that didn't seem to end.  The rum and coke flowed right into the breakfast hours.  I even went to dinner one night at 3:30 in the morning.  I woke up starving (we had gone to bed without eating).  Peyton got up with me and we went down to the PatyO Bar where Pedro cooked me the best burger I've had in years.  One of the bartenders even went out in search of a tall glass of milk for Peyton.  We ate, took a walk on the beach, and then went back to bed for a few hours.  We have so much going on in our every day lives that we just don't make enough time for one another.  I love Peyton and that has never changed for one moment, but too many obligations, including our beautiful kids, can make it tough to keep the close connection that we have always shared.  I made a vow before I ever had kids that I would have the kind of love that Ronald and Nancy had.  Their adult children described their relationship perfectly when they said, "It was as if we were on the outside, looking in."  They kept one another close and kept their marriage not just alive, but thriving and seperate from their relationship with their kids.  We have done a great job for the first nine years, but the last two have been so busy that we haven't made enough time for ourselves.  This trip was really like a second honeymoon.  We went to Cancun for our real honeymoon too!  Happy Birthday to the most amazing man I know.  I have seriously seen many relationships over the years and I couldn't be more proud to be in this one. We have already made plans to go back down in the spring. Time to start adding back to my vacation fund.  ***Coco Bongo:  Amazing.  I would pay twice the money to go back and see it again.  I was blown away by the show and the crowd.  I danced until 4am. Mesermo was amazing.  He managed a crowd three/four times the size of any bar I've ever been to and my drink was never empty.  We even had our picture made with Spiderman.  My favorite act was Queen.  Freddy Mercury would have been proud.  My least favorite was Madonna and even it wasn't bad. The only act I missed was KISS.  The show started at 11 and was ends at 3:30.  It's crazy long, I didn't think it would ever end.  There was confetti pouring from the sky every fifteen minutes or so!  Anyone going to Cancun should NOT miss this place.  It was better than any Vegas or Vegas style show I've ever seen...nothing compares.