Monday, March 14, 2016

The Purple Promise

THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN JUNE 2014, but I failed to publish the post.  Here it is, two years late. 

Hard to believe it has been a year since I have posted.  I will blame that mostly on the absolute exhaustion that I have felt at the end of every work day.  DHL Global Forwarding has been my home for 12 years, but as of May 31, 2014, I have moved on.  I spent the first week of summer with my girls, just enjoying watching them swim and doing some serious deep cleaning and de cluttering.  I feel like I am just about to have my life back in order.  As much as I loved the old company, the changes there were not for me.  The world that will be when all of the migration work is completed is not something that I want to be a part of.  I have moved to a much smaller world and one that I feel like I have much more control over.  Chris Avent sent me a text message a couple of months ago and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to be an Air Export Manager in Atlanta.  He knew it would be a good role for me.  I wasn't so sure and almost didn't apply.  But in the end, his message made me think there were options out there.  I redid my resume and went to my first interview.  About half way through, I knew I wanted this job.  I wanted to be a part of the FedEx family.  I have so many things that I want to accomplish and I am going to be able to do that at FTN.  The years that I spent at DGF were invaluable.  The education I was given is surpassed by none in this business.  I worked with hundreds of people who influenced me, but the greatest were Rob Betzer, Chris Avent, Sherri Skalski, Monica Turner, Dawn Hoeflich, Mike McGinnis, Wade Sorensen, Bob Gardner, Shelby Lee,  William Diephof, Marc Carlstrom, Briana Bloodworth, Greg Simon, Tim Hale, Richard Schepp and Debbie Fowler (and not necessarily in that order).  I love them all and I miss them all, but I am happy to be in my new role.  I am the Air Export Manager for FedEx Trade Networks.  I am also the Warehouse Manager and the Gateway Manager at the moment....until we build the business enough to bring on the two other managers. Our new building is in the process of being completed and the world is all new. 

The Tingle kids found the blog

I always thought that this blog would be important to the kids one day.  It turns out, that day is now.  The girls found the blog without any prompting from me.  They remembered that we used to post and that the name was Life On Callaway Road.  They were reading years of posts and bringing Peyt and I in to read them too.  So I promised that I would start posting again.  I got to spend the day today with the Taylor Jacques family.  It was so much fun.  Jessica is having TWINS...a boy and a girl.  She is going to name them Calvin and Taylor.  She looks beautiful pregnant, but we always knew that she would. 

In other news, the Tingle Twins were in the Inman talent show last month.  The entire family came out to watch.  It was REALLY long.  We were there from 6:30 to 10:15 on a Friday night.  The girls had a lot of fun and Amelia only fell asleep for the last hour or so.  The girls were the 40th act out of 42.  They danced with two of their friends, Brooke and Cassidy to "Home Grown."  I bought them all matching cowboy hats early on and they got new boots for the venture.  I love Samantha's John Deere camo and pink cowboy boots and Sabrina's pink and brown leather boots.  Mema and Papa, Grandmother and Granddaddy, Michael, Rustie, Chad, and Jace all came to watch them with us. 

Amelia has been putting on talent shows like crazy the past couple of months.  As much as she loves to sing, dancing seems to be her absolute favorite activity.  I am hoping that she will take dance lessons next year.  She got a karaoke machine for her 6th birthday in Feb.  She did not have a party this year, though she really wanted one.  I felt bad for not doing a big deal party, but we just had a huge one for her last year.  As it turns out, her fifth birthday was the last time that I got to see Mema Shirley before she passed.  I am so grateful that we had that tea party.  Mema was all dressed up in green outfit complete with hat and white gloves.  She looked like a character right out of Downton Abby.  It has been pretty tough to get used to not having her here.  There are so many times that I think about her and I just want to pick up the phone to call to ask her advice. 

The girls have just started their second spring season for Fayette County Softball.  They played for the Black Widows where they came in second in the county last spring.  It was their first year and they played outfield most of the time.  This past season they played for Carole Mason and the Sharks.  Although they lost every game, we found out very quickly that Sabrina could pitch and Samantha could catch.  Samantha actually seems to be a natural born catcher, which is so odd considering all of the issues that she has had with her knees over the past few years.  This season, they are playing these two very important roles for Chaos.  Peyton has been working as the assistant coach....which he loves. 

Destiny had her best report card of ALL time last quarter.  She is beginning to focus a lot more on school.  I think that comes not only from being in high school, but also from joining JROTC.  She seems to really love that environment and I believe she will eventually join the military.  I would much rather see her in the navy or marines than the army, but we will see.  As much as she wants to be in law enforcement someday, she knows that the military is a great place to start and I can't and wouldn't try to talk her out of that.  I would be very proud for her serve.  She's bright and talented and they would be lucky to have her.  It could even give her a chance to see the world. 

Amelia is enjoying kindergarden.  She has made so many friends.  Most notably, Ellie Harper (whose parents are both teachers at Inman) and Clementine.  Clementine is a special needs child that Amelia just took under her wing on the first day of school.  Her mom is very excited about the friendship and Clementine talks about Destiny all of the time.  I hope they will be friends for a long time.  Ellie's dad is the gifted teacher for Inman and worked with us on the testing last year for Samantha and Sabrina to join.  He saw such potential in the girls over the past few years and wanted to give them room to shine. 

I have been at FedEx for almost two years now.  It seems more like forever.  I love my role and I love working with Chris again.  I've expanded my area of management to include, Air Import, Air Export, Distribution, and now Surface Transportation.  Still steering clear of brokerage and ocean, thankfully.

I will catch up the blog on everything else soon.  The girls are pretty serious about me taking the time to document.  I am thinking about giving them admin rights and letting them add their own posts.  They are so creative and it would be wonderful if this could belong to all of us.  I tried to give Peyton admin right s years ago, but I don't believe he has ever posted anything here. 

Maybe one of the girls can fill you in on our trip to Washington DC and New York that we took last year for vacation.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Newsletter 2014

I hope this letter finds you happy and healthy this Christmas season.  It’s been a busy year as usual in the Tingle household.  With four little princesses in school and two full time jobs, we stay on the go.  Peyton is much better at finding time to enjoy the fun things in life than I have ever been, but I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older (the big 4-0 in January), that I had better enjoy every moment with the girls that I can.  They are growing up so quickly.  I’m afraid that if I blink again, they’ll be married with kids of their own.  
I caught myself telling Sabrina not to correct Amelia’s improper use of the English language last night. Our little four year old Elsa wannabe has a fantastic vocabulary.  She typically sounds more like a teenager than a baby, but there is one word that does not exist in her world.  She does not know the meaning of the word, YESTERDAY. She has always said, LAST MORNING.  Everything happened, last morning, never last night, never yesterday.  I can’t help myself, but I don’t ever want her to quit saying that.  It’s the very last sign that my little girl was ever my little baby.   She will be five in February and before we know it, the littlest Tingle will be in school. Just like almost every four year old girl in the country, she loves Frozen and dances and sings around the house all day.  I wish I could say that the words to those songs drive me crazy, but they don’t.  I could listen to her sing forever.
Sabrina and Samantha are both excelling in the fourth grade.  Sabrina loves to read and to write stories.  The older she gets, the more she reminds me of myself.  She’s generous and kind and she likes to be in charge. Sabrina loves to run.  She and Sam have both hit the 50 mile mark in the running club at Inman Elementary.They run every morning before class (weather permitting).  Samantha seems like the quieter kid around the house, but I’ve learned that isn’t the personality trait that comes out when she’s with her peers. She is as outgoing as her dad and I combined.  She loves to ride her bike, but skateboarding is quickly turning into her passion.  She’s asked Santa for a new board this year.  She’s also the resident queen of Minecraft and I’m pretty sure she’ll either be a vet or a computer engineer someday.
Destiny is just a few months shy of starting high school.  It’s so hard to believe that she will be driving by the beginning of summer.  It’s pretty awesome to have a kid that is old enough and PATIENT enough to babysit this bunch for a couple of hours.  She’s a great big sister.  She’s been running more this year too.
 Peyton is bound to end up with a couple of 5K partners out of this bunch.  
We bought a 1978 Dodge Motorhome a few months ago and Peyton has really enjoyed fixing it up.  We took it on our annual Thanksgiving camping trip to Indian Springs.  It has been the best “garage sale” item we’ve ever stumbled on.  It makes a great playhouse too. It’s pretty funny to see Peyton driving around town in the Mystery Machine.  Everywhere he goes, he gets an offer or two to buy it.  Tingle Moving Service had another good year and Peyton got to spend his days with his dad, his brother and his son.  He might not have a house full of boys, but he has a wife who loves a good football game and girls who think they are the Lords of Dogtown.
I started off the year feeling pretty bummed about work.  Things were chan
ging quickly within the organization and it just seemed like I couldn’t do anything to help my team succeed.  I felt a little bit like I was swimming upstream, but in late spring, I underwent a blood transfusion that changed everything.  The red and yellow that coursed through these veins was turned to purple.  It was a huge leap of faith to leave DHL after 12 years, but I joined the management team at FedEx Trade Networks in June and have never looked back.  In just six months, I have learned so much more than I ever could have imagined possible. I don’t see that slowing down in 2015 as I take on another role within FTN.  It’s the biggest challenge of my career and quite frankly, I am having a great time doing it.  It is so amazing to be working again with a GM that I adore both professionally and personally and I don’t mind bragging about having a team that rocks.
I am just shallow enough to say that the most exciting moments for me this year were watching Garth sing live (awesome floor seats at Phillips) and visiting Seattle for my first Seahawks game at Centurylink with Shelby Lee.     
This year has been full of challenges, but in the end, there is nowhere I would rather be this season than hanging out with these beautiful Tingle girls and snuggling up with the sweetest man alive...even if it is under our “Frozen” themed Christmas tree.  
Merry Christmas from the whole Tingle crew!!!



Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Lake Lanier

We are nearing the end of our week on Lake Lanier.  The girls have had so much fun.  Peyton has been able to sail his boat every day since we've been here.  He even took her out in a BIG storm yesterday.  I was very patient and calm while I waited on him to return.  I have so much faith in him and that boat that I didn't worry at all.  Sabrina and Samantha turned 8 on Tuesday.  We had a birthday cake with an ocean/lake theme.  Sabrina got a new tablet and Samantha got a bike.  They each got Barbie dolls from countries that reminded me of their birth/names.  Samantha, of course, got Ireland...her middle name.  Sabrina got Argentina.  It's a long way to get to the association if you aren't me, but for me, it's easy.  Sabrina is named after Audrey Hepburn.  My favorite Hepburn movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Holly Golightly wants to run off to Argentina to marry a billionaire rancher in the book/movie.  Sabrina's name actually comes from the Hepburn/Bogart movie Sabrina. I am so excited to see the girls growing up.  They are smart and sweet and they have the best sense of humor.  It's a bit dry and serious like their dad's.  They are the kids that you have to almost check yourself to make sure they are joking.  Sometimes, you would never know....which makes it so much funnier if you know them.  We went through a list of questions yesterday while we were out on the boat.    Here are some of their answers.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sam:  A vet  Sabrina:  I don't know yet.  Why would I know that now?  Destiny:  FBI Forensic agent or forensic  anthropologist  Amelia:  A dad.

How many kids are you going to have and what will they be?  Sam:  Three/Two boys and one girl
Sabrina:  Four/two boys and two girls  Amelia:  Four/All girls  Destiny:  Two/one boy and one girl

So the potential, not including Michael's kids is that we will have 13 grandkids.  Wow!!!  That's a lot.  Think about the way they might multiply when you decide the number of kids you are going to have. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Look So Happy

My sleepy heads didn't seem too excited until they opened their baskets and got to eat the candy. They went to bed the night before with no fuss. All I had to say was that the Easter Bunny was going to hop right by our house if they didn't go to sleep. Out like lights.....

Tingle Kids

Michael Madrie Tingle:  Senior at Fayette High School.  Class of 2012.  Michael had his senior pictures taken a month or so ago.  He is not driving yet, but it scares me to death when he leaves the house with his buddies who are driving.  Michael is overall a good kid.  All of his friends seem to play it pretty least the ones we have met.  He works with his dad on occasion to make spending money.  I was hoping he would save for a car and gave him a couple of hundred dollars towards that on his birthday, but I am pretty sure the money is long gone and none of it made it to the bank.  Typical of most any 18 year old.  I can't lie and say nice things just so we have a record of the happy times.  The bad stuff is part of this family history too and I have to say that I am concerned that Michael will not make it to graduation.  The past four years have been a real struggle.  This happens at the beginning of every single year.  He b

Destiny Lynn Tingle:  Age 11. Fifth Grade at Inman Elementary.

Six Flags and Six Flag's Whitewater

We have a very busy weekend.  I took two days off of work to spend with the kids.  We're so busy at work that there won't be much time during the summer for one on one time with these little ones.  I hate it that the past three summers have been so busy at DGF.  On Thursday, Peyton had to work and it rained so we goofed off all day and didn't get a whole lot of anything accomplished.  We did buy new beach towels and swim suits.  On Friday we woke up bright and early and headed off to Six Flags.  The girls really wanted to ride everything they were tall enough for, but once we were at the front of the line, they backed out.  This happened over and over again.  I try not to get frustrated over this type of thing, but when you wait in line for something you have no interest in riding only to have the person who asked you to wait with them, back gets really frustrating.  The good news is the lines were very short all day because of the threat of rain and the girls loved every minute of Skull Island.  I don't see much of a point in taking them back to Six Flags this year when there is far more to do at Whitewater and they now have season passes to both.  Maybe as the summer goes on, they'll change their minds.  I loved all of the rollercoasters at their age.  It surprises me so much to see them far apart at the thought of riding one.  Destiny got to ride almost everything that she wanted to.  She was finally tall enough to ride Goliath.  The last time we were there she just barely failed to make the cutoff.

Monday, June 24, 2013

The girls and I found a box of old videos today from when they were babies.  We laughed at how different everyone looks  now.  How funny they sounded when they were little and how totally cute they were.  Peyton came home and settled right down with us for the next hour and a half.  It is so amazing to look back at those little girls when they were learning to walk, to talk, to crawl.  They were so independent.  There is a video of Samantha at Dollywood.  She is crying because she can't go on an amusement park ride with me.  So sweet.  I love my babies.  I miss them being babies, but I also love the little girls they are now.  I am sure I will be overjoyed with the young women they will become too.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer 2013

Once again I have skipped over some wonderful stories that have happened since my last post.  I always think to myself that I need to add these things to the blog, but never seem to find the time.  Amelia has all but grown out of the baby stage.  She talks and acts like she's 7 going on 30.  Guess it's all the time she spends with big sisters that makes her seem so much older.  She had her first real haircut yesterday.  I let them trim the ends.  I'm so afraid for her to lose her little curls.  Sabrina got the most dramatic cut.  Her hair had grown out to just below her shoulders and she cut it above her chin again.  She loves the cut/short hairstyle and it suits her personality perfectly.  Samantha gave up on growing out her bangs, but kept the back long.  It's just a few inches above her waist now. 
Destiny is in the mountains with Mema and Papa celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary.  They have officially been together for 35 years now.  Rustie, Chad and Jace are in Helen with them. 

We had two award ceremonies at the school to attend this year.  Destiny received the Reading award for the Sixth grade.  She is the single most improved student.  When I think back at how impossible reading seemed for her, I get teary.  She struggled so hard with letters and sounds.  She's been in classes for extra reading help since she was in the first grade.  We buy her books all of the time.  It took me years to convince her to read for fun.  She almost always has a book with her now and it has really paid off.  She has discovered a love of reading and her CRCT scores went through the roof.  The kid who failed to "meet standards" for years skipped right over the "meets" section and is four points above the "exceeds standards" mark.  I could not be more proud.  She still has some work to do in math and with homework, but she finished the year with two c's, two a's and two b's. Sabrina was on the A/B honor roll for the first semester this year and on the A honor roll second semester.  She received her A/B and A honor roll certificate at her end of year ceremony.  Samantha was on the A honor roll all year.  She received the Principal's Honor award for maintaining her A's from the first day of second grade.  Amelia was so excited when they called the girls names and she saw them go up to get their awards.  It feels so good to have all of the kids doing so well in school now.

I worked throughout Spring Break since I took time off at Winter Break this year, but we still fit in some fun.  We made it to the bowling alley and the skating rink.  The girls are really push for a trip to Six Flags this summer and I am really hoping to be able to take them next week. 

They are all growing up so fast and I do miss my little babies, but I love the conversations and the time that I am spending with my girls now.  They are going to be amazing, young women. 

When I look at Amelia, I just see her Grandmother Tingle.  She looks exactly like Mary to me.  Sabrina and Samantha both look a lot like me, but I can see Adrienne in Samantha and Peyton (Owen,Galen) in Sabrina. 

I really want to drive by the house where Destiny's aunt lives to see if I can get my hands on any baby pictures or just family pictures.  A picture of their mom and their mom when she was growing up would be so nice to have for them.  There have to be things in that house that would be special to my kids that came from their birth family.  Picture of her grandparents.  It's crazy to think about how many things I would take out of that house if I had five minutes alone in there. 

Samantha and Amelia have both had these little nagging colds for the past two weeks.  We were driving down the road last weekend and Amelia said, "Mommy, if Samantha and I go to heaven, we won't be sick anymore."  We all really laughed at that one.  "You're right sweetie, but if you go to heaven, you don't get to come back, so let's just try to stick around here until your cold goes away."

For mother's day, Peyton got my mother's ring fixed.  It's been broken for about four years now, so it is wonderful to have it back.  There is no way to add Amelia to the ring, but we will do something special for her or I'll wait and get another mother's ring in the future with all five kids on it. 

We lost Grandma Peggy last month.  Daddy got to spend her last days with her.  He and mom were staying every night and he was coming there after work each day.  I know it helped him so much to get to say goodbye.  I was the first person to speak at her funeral.  I was shaking so hard that I couldn't stop.  I have no idea why that happened when I am so rarely nervous in front of a group.

We bought the girls a new swimming pool last week.  Peyton, Destiny and I put it together right outside the back door.  It'll be so much easier for mom.  She'll be able to see them right from the kitchen window.  Poor little Amelia fell right off of the ladder yesterday when she was climbing out of the pool.  They are going to have a great summer right in their own backyard. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Break

The girls have the week off for winterbreak so I took a week of vacation too.  We checked into the Westin on Sunday afternoon and spent the afternoon and early evening swimming in the indoor pool.  We had sandwhiches and chips in the room and watched Ferris Buller's Day off before going to bed.  On Monday, President's Day, we woke up and went back to the pool for a couple of hours.  When we checked out, we thought we were heading home, but Daddy took us on an adventure.  We went to the Varsity for lunch and then over to Piedmont Park to play for the rest of the day.  Peyton has so many memories of the park from when he was growing up.  We were surprised to see the new parking garage.  There are so many changes at the park, but it's a beautiful place.  It reminded me so much of being in Central Park.  Next year I want to take the kids to Washington, DC and to New York.  They should be plenty old enough by then.  This time, Destiny spent the night with Grandmother Tingle and is enjoying her alone time at Grandmother's house.  I hope it is still just the two of them.  She needs to spend some time with one of her grandmothers alone.  She thrives on one on one time and she doesn't get much of it around here with all of the girls fighting for attention.  I am stealing my own time with Peyton this week....taking him away to North Carolina.  I don't want to have to fight for one minute of his attention from the four prettiest girls in the world.  The last picture is of the house that my grandmother lived in on Waldo Street in Atlanta.