Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amelia at 28 Weeks

My little girl is beautiful. The technology to see her before she is born amazes me. We took the kids with us for this visit too. They couldn't believe how "real" she looks now. More than ever before, they want her to come home. I keep telling them that we have to keep her safe inside mommy for two more months and then we can hold her. She is worth the four times a day that I am having to check my sugar levels. I feel like a human pin cushion. The doctor put me on medication for Gestational Diabetes. Fingers crossed this goes away after she's born. With my history, I could be one of the lucky few that keeps the condition even after the baby is born.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost Christmas!!

Everyone in the Tingle household is excited about Christmas this year. I can't wait for Santa to visit. I love this time of year. The lights are beautiful and I love the Christmas carols and the old Christmas movies. I've watched several of them already this season, including three different versions of A Christmas Carol.

Papa Jerry

I snapped these pictures when Daddy and Momma came by to pick Destiny up for their Thanksgiving trip. The girls hadn't seen Daddy in a while so they were just being crazy and wild. I kept calling im Daddy and tey kept telling me that he wasn't Daddy. It was so funny explaining again that I was talking to MY Daddy not theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving

It took me forever to get around to posting everything that has happened since Halloween. We spent Thanksgiving at Neil and Jennifer's new house. It's a beautiful house and it's perfect for entertaining large groups...loads of space for everyone. We celebrated Riley's birthday too. Destiny went camping with my mom and dad and for a whole week at Indian Springs. They had Thanksgiving dinner at the campsite. I took a couple of days off of work and really enjoyed my time with Peyton and the kids. We even put up the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. The girls are so excited about Christmas this year. I love this four year old stage. They are still very cute as they discover the world. Sabrina is writing letters, numbers and making beautiful drawings. Samantha is still making up her own songs and playing on the computer. Destiny is doing well in school. She is learning her multiplication tables this fall. I am disappointed that I didn't take more pictures over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!!!

We had a great Halloween this year. Samantha has an ear infection and it was raining so we didn't get to stay out too long, but the houses we go to are so great. A couple of them have bags ready specifically for our four kids every year...especially Pat and Jack. Then there's Kathy and Dennis who actually let each one of the girls pick out a Halloween decoration from their house. There's a picture here of the kids with these great neighbors. We are so lucky to live on Callaway Road. I'm laughing while I'm typing this because Samantha's little voice sounds so funny. Her cold is beginning to get better, but she still doesn't sound like herself. Destiny wore a Zoot Suit and sported a Tommy Gun. Sabrina was a charm school witch. Samantha was a Barbie Princess and Michael was a monster. I think this is probably the last year we'll get to trick or treat with Michael. I guess by this time next year he'll be off on his own for the night. Maybe he'll go one more time with all of us since it'll be Amelia's first year. We went to Jennifer and Robbie Baker's house for a Halloween party. It was a little difficult to hang out with Jennifer and be the designated driver. She's my party buddy. We're going to have to have a girl's trip to Vegas after the baby is born. The witch pumpkin was my group's contibution to the Halloween pumpkin contest at DHL. Peyton had a really great time doing the pumpkins with the kids this year. Sabrina wanted hers to be look surprised. She explained to Peyt that he needed to make the mouth a circle to show this emotion. Samantha wanted one with a really big SMILE(just like the smiley faces she draws) and Destiny wanted a vampire jack o lantern. The kids are still on a candy high today. Oh only comes once a year.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tingle Twins

I am so proud of my girls. They are so smart and sassy. Sabrina is so much like me. She has more pride than any four year I've ever met. Samantha has the biggest heart. She still loves to snuggle and cuddle.

Tea Party in the Playroom

It's a tea party! The girls love their playroom downstairs. It's a space that is all theirs. Michael and Destiny love the tv/dvd setup down there too.

Fayetteville Fair at Whitewater

Peyton and I took the girls to the fair Saturday afternoon. The girls are fearless. They were so upset that they couldn't ride the BIG rides, but they rode the smaller ones several times. We met Grandmother and Granddaddy Tingle, Aunt Jenn, Mary and Tyrus. It was colder than I expected, but not uncomfortable. I think walking for that many hours was a little bit too much for me and Amelia. We are lying in bed this morning updating the blog. Tired, but really glad we got to go enjoy the fair. Mary was so cute. She really wanted to ride everything too!!