Sunday, January 31, 2010

Memory Lane

Peyton and I spent the morning looking at pictures of the day the girls were born. What an amazing experience it was to hold those babies for the first time. I'm really getting excited to meet my new daughter. We've gone back and forth on changing her name from Amelia to Amelie. I don't see changing it now, but we do love both names. Some pictures from July 23, 2005!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Amelia at 35 Weeks

We are only 32 days away from our due date. Dr. Yeagley told me that they will want me to deliver by my due date and not a day later since I am on medication for the Gestational Diabetes. She's really happy about my sugar levels, weight gain and lack of swelling in my ankles. The last time I was visiting her weekly, my ankles were so big I could hardly walk of course I was also pregnant with twins and recovering from back surgery. She seems to think that Amelia will come when she's ready and I'll be able to go work until then. She wants me to cut back my time at work so I am taking off Wednesdays until the baby comes. I'm a little bit discouraged with work at the moment. I have put in a lot of years at DHL and I put 100% into everything I do. It's really hard to be in a new job while you feel so worn down. Working is hard enough, but being in a position where you suddenly need to prove yourself again is not easy. I'm very lucky to have both Robs supporting me...even if my reports can't see where we are going or how we plan to get there.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Updates

I haven't posted in a while, which is really bad considering how much has happened in the past few weeks. I am officially nine months pregnant. We are in the home stretch now. I was diagnosed with Getstational Diabetes a few days before Christmas. I've been checking my sugar 4 times a day. It's a real pain, but I'm keeping the sugar levels down. I have only gained 10 lbs the whole pregnancy which is really good for 34 weeks. I've been having ultrasounds every Friday since week 30. Today you could really tell that Amelia's cheeks are starting to fill out. She has a tiny little nose. She is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to see her. Her feet are under my ribs constantly and I can't get used to her knees. You can literally see my whole stomach move from side to side as she rolls over. It's so funny for me. I didn't go through this with the girls. They didn't have room to roll over with two of them in there at once. In a lot of ways, this is like a first pregnancy. It's my first singleton pregnancy.

Christmas morning was not plesant at our house this year. I was so upset all morning because we couldn't find Destiny's biggest gift. It was missing and I knew I had wrapped it and put it under the tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. We spent a couple of hours looking everywhere for it. Under couches, chairs, in closets....I finally convinced myself that I must have thrown it out. Peyton and I didn't bother to open our presents. We took no pictures of the kids opening theirs. I promised Destiny that I would take her to the store as soon as it opened to rebuy her the gift she lost. Imagine my surprise when an hour later her dad found the sleeve from the Nintendo DS in her room. She had opened her gifts the night before in her room. She somehow thought we would miss her opening them on Christmas morning and she could sneak them back upstairs. I was so disappointed, but I was proud of how we handled the situation. She spent Christmas Day in her room, grounded until we left for Grandmother's house. She also had to give back the presents she opened in her room. She was allowed to keep only the gifts she opened with the family on Christmas morning. Peyton and I came back upstairs and opened our gifts. The craziest Christmas morning ever....and it was the first one that the girls were REALLY excited about. The twins got bikes...Sabrina a Snow White bike and Samantha got a Disney Princess bike. Destiny was able to keep the Hannah Montana guitar that Santa brought her. Michael got clothes, books and school supplies. He really should have gotten a stocking full of coal! He was failing three classes in school and still skipping homework assignments.

It snowed the first week in January. We didn't get enough to shut down work, but school was closed for the day. Peyton said that Sabrina walked right outside and fell to ground and started making snow angels. I hear it was really cute. I was already at work and missed playing with them in the snow, but it was so cold I don't think I could have stayed out there anyway. Samantha wanted to stay out so badly, but she kept having to come in to warm her hands under warm water. She was crying because she couldn't stay warm and play outside at the same time. Good thing we got so many gloves, hats and scarves at Christmas time.

We had to make major repairs to our septic tank the week after Christmas. Peyton and Daddy dug up the tank and found that one of the cement tops had fallen in. The tank was more than half full of debris and mud. So when we paid 300 plus to pump it out two weeks before....very little was actually removed. In the end, it was a $1900.00 repair. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that it is completely fixed and that no problems with the drain field pops up.

Peyton is working to install our new washer and dryer upstairs to make it easier when Amelia comes. We are hoping to finish painting her nursery tomorrow.