Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snowball Fight


Don't laugh. Atlanta snowmen sometimes look a little dirty. Never really enough snow to keep them white.


I love living on Callaway. I think it's a great place for the kids to grow up.

It's Snowing !!!

Destiny and Michael got to play in the snow with Grandmother Tingle. Mema was able to get video of the girls at her house with the snow coming down. They were very excited.

Mommy's Birthday

I came home from work on the 17th to a cake. Michael baked it himself and it was really good. Peyton wanted to celebrate early because we were planning to spend the night of the 18th at a George Strait concert. He was going to leave straight from the hotel the morning of my birthday for a job to Dallas, TX. This began the longest birthday celebration ever...
Peyton and I met at the Hilton Garden Inn across the street from the Gwinnett Arena on the afternoon of the 18th. It was such a relaxing afternoon. We even had Carrabba's deliver dinner to our room. After dinner, we rode the hotel shuttle across the street to the Arena. We saw Sara Johns, Little Big Town and George Strait. I've wanted to see George in concert for years. It was so exciting. The show was fantastic. He is a true performer, and maybe the last REAL cowboy in country music. Someday I'm going to take the kids to Texas for one of his rodeos. My only regret is that I don't have pictures for the blog. I just didn't think that you could take cameras into the arena. I was wrong, we walked right in and people actually had their camera's around their necks. I was so close too...I am only okay with this because I am determined to go back next year and get those shots. Our plans changed on Saturday when we woke up to snow flurries. Peyton and Neil ran out to load up the job before the snow had time to stick. I had to make it from Duluth to Conyers to Jonesboro and back home with all four kids before the snow stuck. Needless to say, the snow DID NOT stick. The good news is that the kids did get to play in the snow and Daddy was home for the night, not leaving for Dallas until Sunday morning. When I picked the kids up from my mom, in Conyers, on Saturday morning, I realized it was the first time I had seen my Mom on my actual birthday in years. She had a cake and presents too. Party Number 2 was short since we were trying to outrun the snow. The girls also decided it would be very funny to say it was Aunt Bobbie's Birthday for the rest of the day instead of Mommy's. Too much time with the cousins. They had a great overnight visit at my Mom and Dad's house. Destiny and Michael stayed with Rabun and Mary and I hear they really had a blast too. Since we didn't open presents with the kids with the first cake on Thursday night, Peyton had another one on Saturday. Party and Cake number 3. My Mom and Dad bought me a beautiful jewlery of the stand alone pieces that is about four feet tall. Peyton and the kids picked out a beautiful pair of hand painted glass earrings and a string of chocolate, fresh water pearls. They are really pretty and I was most impressed that Petyon picked them out because of all of the "browns" I've been wearing lately. I had no idea how well he was paying attention to my clothing choices. Major brownie points for Daddy....

Wake up, Mommy

We've been busy and I have a lot of updates to do since I've been lazy about posting for a couple of weeks. Sabrina came into our room a couple of Sunday mornings ago. I was still sleeping and Peyton was reading the news on the computer. She came over to me and tapped me on the shoulder. "Here, Mommy. Here's your glasses." Then she walked over to Peyton and said, "Hurry, Daddy. Mommy needs coffee." Needless to say, I got up laughing that morning. It pretty rare for anyone in our house to sleep past 0830 or 0900. This morning, I got up at 1037. We stayed up late to watch a couple of movies after the kids went to bed. Seems like the only way to sneak one in these days.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shoes and Hats

Samantha loves shoes and hats. I counted three hats and six pairs of shoes today. She also loves to carry purses. I believe she is going to be a little fashion model. If she inherits Peyton's talent for sketching and her Grandmother and Great Grandmother Tingle's sewing skills, we could have a designer on our hands. I love to watch my little girl walk around in her tiny high heeled shoes with a crown on her head and her purse on her shoulder. It was very hard to go to work these past two weeks. The girls have never really had their momma at home with them for a long period. I took the last week of the 2007 off of work and had a couple of days off the following week. Sammi and Beanie decided they really liked having me here. Samantha cries every morning now when I leave. She says, "No work, Mommy. No...please. Go to work tomorrow....." I have to pry her little fingers away from my neck. It takes the wind right out of my sails. But, by the same token, when I come home from work, Sammi grabs on to Mema Shirley and cries for her not to leave. In fact, last Wednesday, she sat in front of the window and cried for at LEAST 30 minutes after Mema left. I couldn't get her stop. Usually she is fine in less than a minute, but nothing would make her quit looking at the driveway and saying, "Mema, come back home." Beanie is not going through this phase right now, which is great because I don't think I could handle both of them crying every time I leave the house. They have always been been Daddy's girls, but for a whole two weeks, they have been Momma's babies. It's nice to have all of their attention for now...I am sure I'll be ready for them to hang all over Daddy again soon.